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Hi Ma'am, Thank you for being such a good, nice and always giving teacher. I learned a lot here. Not only to learn about cooking but how to be a better person. I can see such nice moments while we are baking or cooking....laughter, sharing problems and giving advice. You're my inspiration right now as a young mother. Hope God will shower you more blessings and also to your family circle. Good luck!

Charity Monteclaros (FDW Philippine)

Dear Teacher Jasmin, Thank you so much for teaching me how to make many different types of food. You are a great teacher. Your classes are fun and I learned a lot. Thank you again and again. I miss you a lot and I love you a lot.

AASS Samarakoon, Vasanthi (FDW Sri Lanka)

Dear Ma'am Jasmin, Thank you so much for your help by teaching me how to cook. You are great, wonderful and excellent tacher. I look to cook since I was young but I just can't cook better till I came to your class. You taught me everything that I really need to know in cooking so now I can cook very well. I really enjoyed your class so much.

Yanti Lelepadang (FDW Indonesia)

Ma'am Jasmin, you're very great and fantastic in teaching. I am very lucky to have you for teach me. I am grateful and enjoy this cooking class very much.

Rona Villamor Porras (FDW Philippines)

Ma'am Jasmin, Thank you for everything that I learn to you. You're the kind of teacher who really cares for us. The kind of teacher who really appreciated to all. Love you Ma'am Jasmin.

Rosa Mae Labial (FDW Philippines)

Ma'am, thanks for your kindness and patience for teaching us. You are lovely teacher I ever had!

Marilou Parinas (FDW Philippine)

I have really enjoyed the courses because I learnt and improved so much in my cooking. My boss loves the meals that I serve. Also Jasmin is a good trainer.

Nikmatul (FDW Indonesia)



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