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I'm happy to let you know that I invited my husband's family last night to have dinner with us and I cooked the salmon en croute. They left the table with a clean plate and they just loved it.  My husband never eats salmon because he doesn't like the taste, but when he tried it he was amazed and I felt so proud.  I also successfully cooked the ribs with barbecue sauce for a party and my guests just loved it.

I think of you when I cook and it’s like you are at my side teaching me what to do. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge about cooking especially for someone like me who never knew how to cook before. I am also grateful for all the delicious recipes.

Sending my helper, Michel to you cooking class was the best idea.  She did a fantastic job! We had spaghetti for dinner and I let her cook without my instruction and it turned out really good. I tried teaching her what I learned from you but I found it a little frustrating.  Now finally it wasn't me who had to cook dinner. I can’t wait till she will be fully confident ~ hopefully she can cover all your courses before we move back to K.L.

Venus Sanderson / helper Michel Tanglao

Just wanted to let you know that Ruth made an AWESOME spaghetti for us tonight! She used your recipe, but we asked her to add in ground beef, carrots and mushrooms. Turned out great. Here's a pic for you, not the greatest of us but you can see the dinner!

Easter Weiss

Thank you Jasmin. As it turns out Rona is really a fantastic cook and is wonderful at presentation. When I hired her, it was mainly to help with our new puppy and do the laundry and basic cleaning. I can't tell you how wonderful it is for Rona to have pretty much prepared everything and it is all so very good! Thank you for helping her and most importantly giving her the confidence!

I'd like to go ahead and sign her up for the basic baking class. She really enjoys coming to the classes and I will definitley sign her up again.

Dotsie Poli

Can I sign Yuni up for the basic baking? She loves attending your classes and it's a great way to get her some additional training for her future. Thanks so much!

Theresa Wilson

First of all thank you so much for kindly donating the gift voucher to Bali Bridges via UWCSEA which enabled Yolie to the cooking class with you this month. She really enjoyed herself over the four lessons and has learnt so much from you. I have to say that everything she has cooked using your recipes has been excellent. As an example, the chicken pie - not just any chicken pie but with a delicious subtle orange flavour to it - lovely!

I would very much like Yolie to continue to do cooking lessons with you. In the meantime, thank you again for teaching in such an inspiring and enjoyable way!

Belinda Sircombe-Jellett

Chanu has been enjoying the basic course very much. We have been enjoying all the meals she has learned from you. Can I sign her up for the Intermediate course next month? She is very proud of her accomplishments in the kitchen and would like to continue. Thanks so much for the courses. I am passing your information on to the agency that Chanu is registered with as they heard from both of us how good your course is.

Sabina Lall

Thanks to you our maid Rosa is doing wonders in the kitchen. I'd like to sign her up for both the other courses.

Anna Polianskaia

I just wanted to let you know that Yanti is really enjoying your classes and will have practiced nearly every dish before you see her again on Tuesday! We've enjoyed all of the recipes, they're very tasty, thanks. I'd like to sign her up for all 4 of the December one-day classes as well as the Intermediate course in January! Thanks again.

Eve Rogove

Your teaching Danna to do an omelette was our saviour tonight!!! I had absolutely no time to teach her anything in the kitchen today, and I just decided to see what she could do after today's course. Omelette was tasty and good and children ate all of it! She told me she had to call you to check some things though but the end result was very good, specially taking into account that she has NO previous experience of western cooking.

Helina Ranta

I will certainly be signing Chi-Chi up for the next course - she loved it, we loved the results and I think more than anything, Chi-Chi's confidence for cooking has shot through the roof! She loves your teaching style and the intimate setting for your classes. I love the omlettes she made for lunch today! I told my mom last night that this is the best money I have spent in a long time!

Anne Duncan

I am delighted with the results of your cooking course. Dyna was already a wonderful cook, but she loves to learn new things. She would always come home that evening and prepare what she had learned in class. It was great to see her so enthusiastic. I loved the certificate. It was the first thing she showed me when she got home. She was so proud, as was I! What you do is more than just teach cooking, you are also teaching them confidence and self-respect that is priceless to me.

Carrie Po

Small Cooks Big Meals was an absolute delight to work with! Jasmin was incredibly professional and helpful in guiding me through using her services as I had never tried something similar before. She was incredibly patient as my travel schedule made finding a time to meet quite challenging. Jasmin is very flexible and was able to help me tailor a plan around exactly what needed and for the price I could afford. She conducted some in home training so my helpers would understand how to cook in my kitchen and then the girls attended some baking classes at her facilities. My kitchen and especially my refrigerator were a site to behold after she was in my house!

I think I would hire her for this service alone. The span of recipes that my helpers can cook competently has expanded significantly and they are much better able to pick up new recipes. We are enjoying gourmet dinners from all countries now!

Shannon Todd-Olson

We just arrived back to find a lovely plate of chocolate brownies waiting for us. Ernawati has very much enjoyed her cooking classes and I am sure we will reap the benefits. She said the course was not only educational and informative but that you were very friendly making her feel comfortable and relaxed. As such she would like to do the intermediate cooking course when it next starts and also I am happy for her to do any one day courses when you schedule them.

Megan McStea

It's great. My helper has gained confidence in cooking, and most importantly food hygiene. Thank you.


My helper has made a significant improvement in her cooking skills, especially her confidence to be in the kitchen and to use a recipe book and not to be scared of experimenting with new meals.

Vanessa Lodge

Other cooking classes only teach making dishes in specific ways. Jasmin however shows me how to cook with creativity. She taught me to read recipes and adjust them to fit my family's own taste. That allows me to make different variations on the same dishes, giving us a great variety of meals!

Ivy Lin

My helper is really enjoying the class. It was worth it just for the scrambled eggs!


My FDW truly enjoyed it and we have been busy trying the dishes to our delight.


My helper has a real interest in cooking and has really enjoyed the basic cooking course. She has been keen to cook the recipes she has learned at home and has done an excellent job. The chicken stock has been invaluable for making home-made soups for the kids etc.

Amanda Wenhlowskyj

Wow! I am impressed already. My FDW came home and had had a wonderful time and was really excited about cooking something new for us. The chicken was delicious... and we had mashed potato! I was also really impressed with her homework. Worth every penny!


Raquel enjoyed the course very much, including the opportunity to meet other FDW's. We enjoyed the recipes very much too.




Small Cooks Big Meals