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Courses : Basic Cooking
Course Outline
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Course Outline

Module 1
Basic Kitchen skills    

  • food hygiene
  • handling common electrical appliances
  • measuring ingredients
  • using basic kitchen utensils
  • methods of preparing ingredients
  • methods of cooking
  • reading and following a recipe
  • chicken stock - how to use the leftover chicken to make soup and sandwiches
  • a basic tomato pasta sauce

Module 3
One-dish meals & vegetable side dishes

  • Baked Seafood Rice: combination of seafood covering a bed of rice smothered in a tasty white sauce and topped with cheese
  • Sheppard's Pie: an all-time favourite
  • Leek & Potato Soup; how to use chicken stock to make a wonderful soup for
    lunch or to serve as a starter for dinner
  • Introduction of preparing vegetables, blanched, roasted
  • Principles of salad making
  • Honey mustard dressing

Module 2
Breakfast foods and potato side dishes

  • Breakfast foods:
    • scrambled eggs; fluffy and moist
    • omelette: plain or with a variety of fillings
    • banana pancakes; light pancakes loaded with natural fruit sweetness
    • Citrus French Toast: The right amount of zest makes this classic better than
  • Potato side dishes:
    • creamy mashed potatoes
    • crisp roast potatoes
    • delicious potato salad

Module 4
Main Meals

  • Roast Chicken - how to roast a crisp, juicy and flavourful chicken
  • Lamb Stew; delicious rustic stew loaded with veggies
  • Breaded chicken - how to prepare this versatile dish and vary it for both a child and adult meal
  • Strawberry Mousse; a light and easy dessert with many variations
  • Chocolate dip: it takes minutes and is just right for days you need a little comfort!
  • How to integrate main courses with side dishes taught
  • Menu planning

* SCBM may change some of the course content depending on the
availability of ingredients and course updates

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