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Courses : Intermediate Cooking
Course Outline
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Course Outline

Module 1
Italian Affair     

  • Lasagne; a family favourite, good meal to do ahead
  • Chicken Risotto with lemon and herbs; risotto is a versatile meal, this is just one version that is deliciously satisfying
  • Peperonta; a rustic vegetable dish of stewed peppers simmered with aromatic herbs

Module 3
Western Meals

  • Quiche; it's a must-learn for any cook
  • Pork with Prunes; an outstanding dish with a flavour that will delight you
  • Chicken & Leek pie; creamy chicken with a wonderful flavour topped with crisp puff pastry

Module 2
Oriental Meals

  • Thai Chicken Salad; chicken fillets cooked in a flavourful sauce then tossed with a lime dressing and set over a bed of crisp greens
  • Thai Red Curry Fried Rice
  • Oriental Baked Fish; with this variety of ingredients, a healthy fish recipe that is anything but boring
  • Hainanese Pork Chops

Module 4

  • Tiramisu; an all-time favourite dessert
  • Mango pudding
  • Caramel Lemon Delicious; a light lemony cake with a luscious caramel coating

* SCBM may change some of the course content depending on the
availability of ingredients and course updates

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